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All times are GMT -6. Jeremy, they search you at the airport because there are terrorists, right? So it impacts the end user. East West CCC no ilok llicenses . It's just not worth it. as I said I'm disappointed you feel 3 days is OK to sort out my problem. They're happy to take your money, but if you do have a problem, it's sweet FY. Three things you DO need, however: 1.) Good specs. The more, the better! East/West has the minimum and recommended specs in the site. Y General Topic Guitar Recording / Editing Headphones How to? Instruments Interfaces Mic Preamps Microphones Mixing (music) Mixing Consoles Monitors/Speakers Music Production News Plugins Question And Answer Studio Business Tracking Vocal Recording / Editing What is the best.? What to buy? X Vs Y Forum Jump Home Contact Us Terms Of Use Privacy Policy All Advertisers Top Advertise with us -- Gearslutz Logo ---- Gearslutz Mobile ---- Gearsz Logo Gearslutz.com LTD - UK Company Number 7597610. This will now be at least tomorrow before this gets sorted, so 3 working days for me, I don't think this is acceptable.

and wouldn't want to wait days with no response from the company while having to post on Gearslutz to speed up the process. 4 Share Quote 24th July 2013 #17 DAW PLUS Lives for gear My Recordings/Credits My Studio I do not see why anyone should have to wait 2 days to even get an answer after buying licenses and not being able to use them. So I stand by my statement that it's poor support. So I boot it up. I can't recall its exact price, but with shipping, VAT, etc. Review Request Club CHECK THIS OUT Formerly Supersteph54 I'm an Audio Moderator. Send Private Message Browse All Posts (829) Block Forum Stats Supporter Level 10 Musician Response to EastWest/ Quantum Leap 2012-08-12 18:40:36 Reply At 8/12/12 06:22 PM, AnimatixReels wrote: What is needed to use EWQL? Is it a VST, or does it use an NI format? (If it uses NI, where could I get something to use it, or is there only Kontakt?) Any helpful information would be appreciated. They sound great, but all the negative stuff I've heard from people has made me stay away. What is the fucking point of selling a GODDAMN DOWNLOAD VERSION if I cannot download, install and USE the fucking program?! If I have to pay for shipping and wait for you guys to post me a fucking USB drive, WHY WOULD I BOTHER WITH 16 HOURS OF FUCKING DOWNLOADING?! I'd buy a boxed copy and install it using DVDs. 6, 2006 Offline.

Work. Are you fucking me? You have to buy some bullshit hardware just so you can run a VST? That's incredible. The program won't work without an iLok. 2. I have waited as long as I could for the ilok debacle to finish before I installed and now with an added 3days to this I'm behind schedule. It just didn't light up when I connected it to my computer one time and didn't work at all. It is what it is. Jerry Maguire: Help ME, help YOU" Share Quote 24th July 2013 #25 Tui Gear Guru 1 Review written Quote: Originally Posted by Football wouldn't want to wait days with no response from the company while having to post on Gearslutz to speed up the process. If i remember correctly, the minimum requirement of RAM to run Symphonic Orchestra is 2 GB and the recommended specification is 4 GB. 8ea806a005
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